Planning the Perfect Mother’s Day

By Lyre's Spirit Co

27th Apr 2021

Planning the Perfect Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to show our mum’s just how much they mean to us and how much you appreciate everything they do. But how do you properly say ‘thank you’ to the mother-like figures (this could also be your grandma, aunt, sister, same-sex parents - anyone you consider Mum) in your life?

Any mum will tell you that the greatest gift they could receive is spending quality time with their children. Whether you’re able to meet physically this year or not, we’ve got you covered; we’ve collected Mother’s Day activity ideas that can be enjoyed in groups of all sizes, with appropriate social distancing where needed, or virtually.

Enjoy a Mother’s Day brunch

brunch for mother's day

Be the hostess with the most-est this year by organising a Mother’s Day brunch. Whether it’s a sweet, small gathering with just you and Mum, a small group of close family members, a larger multi-generational get-together or a virtual meet-up, we’re sure mum’s of all kinds will love brunch with their favourite foods and people.

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the magical mother-like figures who light up your life and brighten even the darkest of days, so set the scene accordingly (light, bright and fresh with some enchanting Mother’s Day flowers). Add a range of classy dinnerware, sparkling glasses and  mouth-watering drinks to the table to make sure Mum spends the day with their feet - and pinky - up.

If you’re unable to get together, pre-prepare by sending a goody-basket; simultaneously enjoy Mum’s favourite snacks and drinks, even if it’s not possible to be in the same place this year.

Make breakfast in bed

Make breakfast in bed - but make it brunch! Let them sleep in, then enjoy some pancakes, coffee or non-alcoholic Espresso Martini. Breakfast in bed is a classic way to celebrate Mother’s Day for an excellent reason: Mum gets to catch up on some much-needed sleep, and the sweet gesture of being woken with a lovingly prepared breakfast makes Mum feel appreciated and special.

For extra points, add an itinerary of Mother’s Day activities that can be expected throughout the day.

Sip ‘Mum’-osas in a virtual cocktail class

Master new skills with an online cocktail class. Whether you physically join the class in the same kitchen or separately, this enjoyable Mother’s Day activity will bring you closer than ever.

After your class, you’ll have plenty of Mother’s Day drink ideas to try! For some incredibly delicious, booze-free cocktails with fewer calories and no pesky hangover, switch out the alcoholic spirit with some non-alcoholic options. Lift your spritz with a refreshing, slightly citrusy 

Amalfi Spritz, or enjoy a beautifully balanced ‘mum’-osa so good it makes Uncle Terry’s dad jokes bearable.

Extend the invite to the rest of the family with a virtual happy hour, and have everyone raise their glass to Mum to say thanks for all the things Mum does.

Explore the great outdoors

If the mother-like figures in your life love the great outdoors - and the weather forecast shows favourable weather - plan a day out exploring local historical sites, parks and lakes.

A gentle stroll or picnic in the park is a great way to share the special day with a mum of any age and the perfect way to get Grandma or a mum-to-be involved too! Plus, it’s easy to practice social distancing in open, outdoor areas.

Relax through a spa day

Mums truly are superheroes; they do so much for their families every day, are always on the go, and rarely take time for themselves. Treat them to a Mother’s Day activity that gets them off their feet and provides some time off to relax and indulge in the ever-elusive ‘me time’.

If you can’t make it into a day spa this year, treat Mum to an at-home DIY spa day. Anything that involves relaxation and time together will make the perfect pampering session, plus you’ll save money and make some new, fun memories in the family home.

For even more indulgence, stock your kitchen with succulent fruits, fragrant baked goods, and 

phenomenal cocktails.

Plan a movie night

If you’re still contemplating things to do for Mother’s Day, you can’t pass up one of the greatest pastimes that ever existed: the movie night (pyjamas compulsory)!

Take a trip down memory lane with a nostalgic movie your mum adores, or pick a film featuring dynamic child/parent characters. No movie night is complete without popcorn and drinks, so make sure you plan ahead and get everything you need for a low-key, cosy night in.

If you’re unable to be together physically, coordinate a virtual movie night so you can quote your favourite lines and discuss things like: “Bond hasn’t had a Martini until he’s tried this dreamy recipe”.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most importantly, you’ll spend quality time together... and that’s precisely what every mum wants.

Non-alcoholic cocktails to enjoy this Mother’s Day

Whether you’re planning a Mother’s Day brunch, a pyjama-friendly movie night, or a picnic in the park, there’s a range of incredibly delicious, alcohol-free Mother’s Day drink ideas for any activity. With fewer calories and no next-day hangover, these cocktail recipes are the perfect choice for all your Mother’s Day celebrations.

Lyre’s Festive Mimosa

Sweet like Mum and beautifully balanced, the Lyre’s Festive Mimosa combines Dry London Spirit and sparkling wine for a concoction so good it’ll make Uncle Terry’s dad jokes bearable during your Mother’s Day brunch. Best served in a large glass with an orange slice, lemon wheel or mint sprig to give it a little pizazz.

Lyres Amalfi Spritz

Fall in love with this refreshing, slightly citrusy beverage, best served in a tall glass with fresh cubed ice and orange slices. Your Mother’s Day picnic won’t be complete without this delectable combination of  Lyre’s Italian SpritzLyre’s Classico, and soda water.

Lyre’s Espresso Martini

The essence of a rich and vinous coffee liqueur with distinct and contemporary flavours will wake Mum up and get them ready for a full day of festivities! Crafted with  Lyre’s Coffee OriginaleLyre’s White Cane Spirit, fresh espresso and vanilla syrup, this cocktail is what dreams are made of. Best served in a cocktail glass with coffee bean garnish.

Lyre’s The Practice

No DIY spa day is complete without vacation vibes. This mindful cocktail will bring the holiday vibes you need for total relaxation through its unique twist on the classic mojito. Its unparalleled essence melodically dances with your taste buds thanks to  Lyre’s White Cane Spirit, fresh elderflower, gimber, and lime. Serve in a highball glass with mint garnish.

Lyre’s Boulevardier

Getting ready for a cosy night with nostalgic movies and Mum’s laugh in the background? Pair it with this unique cocktail that takes a Negroni, swaps the gin for a generous splash of  Lyre’s American Malt, and settles you in for an evening saunter down the most bodacious of boulevards. Best served in an old-fashion glass with an orange slice garnish.





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