Best excuses for not drinking when pregnant

By Lyre's Spirit Co

5th Aug 2022

Best excuses for not drinking when pregnant

A new and exciting chapter in your life has just started! You've received a positive pregnancy result, but it’s still early, so you're not quite ready to share the news.

Keeping your pregnancy under wraps during your first trimester can be a challenging time, especially if you're known to enjoy a tipple and have a few social events coming up. For many females of child-bearing age, continuously refusing drinks can start raising eyebrows, so Instead of sharing the news before you’re ready, distract your loved ones from the obvious with this collection of white lies, half-truths and illusions.

Hiding your early pregnancy

At Lyre's, we advocate for drinking your drink, your way, which is why we've lovingly crafted the finest range of non-alcoholic spirits the world has ever seen. But we get it; societal pressure to drink can be frustrating and quickly lead to suspicious looks if you’re known to enjoy a glass of wine. The good news? There are plenty of delicious mocktails for pregnancy, and dozens of creative excuses out there to help you enjoy your next social event stress-free. Here are four of our favourites:

Excuse 1: You lost a bet with your partner

If you and your partner are competitive and others know you enjoy a challenge, explain that you’ve lost a bet with your partner, with the loser not being allowed to drink for the night. Alternatively, you could explain that you and your partner made a bet about who could go without booze the longest. You'll need your partner's support on this one, so make sure you plan it in advance.

Excuse 2: You’re practicing mindfullness

The consistently popular concept of ‘mindful drinking’ is an excellent excuse for not drinking when pregnant that many people won’t question! Let friends and family know that you’re spending some time putting yourself and your health first. Removing alcohol from your diet has several positive health benefits that you can mention (such as general improvement in health and immune system function, more energy, better mood, loss of weight and brighter skin); you might even convince a few friends to join you!

Excuse 3: Designated driver

Explaining that you need to drive (or volunteering to be the designated driver) is always a great excuse to avoid booze. Make sure you take your car with you to avoid any pressure, but if that's not possible, you can always say you need to get up early to drive grandma to the doctor, Lassie to the vet, or whatever else would be believable in your situation.

Excuse 4: You're not feeling well

Let your friends and family know you’re not feeling well as early as possible. You can even blame a hangover or hangxiety from the previous day to really make sure no one suspects anything. If you’re suffering from morning sickness, you'll undoubtedly pull this off incredibly well. No acting skills required!

Who says you have to say a word?

At some social gatherings - particularly the bigger ones that give you more freedom to blend into the crowd - you might not need to say anything at all.

Let your partner drink your beverage

If you’re attending a larger gathering, most people probably won't be paying you too much attention. This means your excuse for not drinking when pregnant can be less of a lie and more of a clever illusion. If a friend or family member absolutely insists that you need to try their new favourite drink and orders one for you, subtly have your partner drink it for you. Occasionally, have your partner take a large 'taste' of the drink, ultimately drinking the entire glass. Another option is to put your drink down somewhere and "forget" where it is.

Order a non-alcoholic drink

Find non-alcoholic alternatives to drink instead; not only does this fool your friends and avoid raised eyebrows, but there are plenty of options to cater to your personal preferences and tastes (did someone say food cravings and aversions?). Try ordering orange juice without the vodka for some essential Vitamin C or a tonic without the gin. These days, most venues cater for non-alcoholic preferences, so mocktails for pregnancy and sober-conscious patrons are nothing new! At Lyre's, we've made it possible to order all your favourite non-alcoholic drinks while pregnant at these great venues (plus lots more; find them in our city guide).

Libations and congratulations!





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