Getting ready for Mardi Gras carnival

By Lyre's Spirit Co

16th Jan 2023

Getting ready for Mardi Gras carnival

“Mardi Gras”. Just the name evokes thoughts of reckless abandon and dancing in the street, quite a far cry from the literal translation “fat Tuesday”, which sounds more like being covered in biscuit crumbs rather than confetti. Mardi Gras festivals are a celebration of life and are commemorated in a variety of forms around the world, from New Orleans to Sydney’s LBGTQ Margi Gras attended by hundreds of thousands of people each year. 

So how do you make the absolute most out of your own Fat Tuesday? What are the best Mardi Gras drinks? How should you dress and what dance moves are popular these days? We look at the top tips for Mardi Gras to take your festivities from meh, to unforgettable.

Tips for getting ready for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a celebration, and sometimes the preparations for an event can be as exciting as the event itself. As the anticipation builds to Mardi Gras, make sure you approach all your preparatory activities with a dash of fun to draw out the merriment.

Book early.

You’re not the only one practising your dance moves in your bedroom ahead of Mardi Gras, so make sure anything that needs to be booked is booked early. That includes accommodation (some say it’s best to book three years in advance for New Orleans Mardi Gras if you have that kind of foresight!), any flights, transportation, restaurant bookings and spa treatments you may want to gift yourself after all the revelry.

Sculpt the ultimate Mardi Gras body.

It isn’t uncommon for Mardi Gras outfits to be mere accessories to the bodies that wear them, and getting your body ready for Mardi Gras can be as crucial as booking flights and accommodation. Whether you’re looking to slim down or bulk up, weight training is the ultimate way to get your body tight, toned and ready to tango in the streets. You’ll get the best results if you choose a specific program that targets each part of your body and work to progressively overload your muscles, so you’ll have bulging biceps and rippling abs in time for the parade. In order to build muscle too, you need to ensure you’re getting enough sleep, eating the right amount of protein, drinking plenty of water, and switching your alcoholic beverages with low or no-alcohol alternatives.

Capture the moment.

One of the top tips for Mardi Gras is to make sure you don’t forget the excitement and fun of the event. You’ll want to remember the moment, dance moves, the clink of toasting your Mardi Gras drinks, and the amount of body glitter you managed to adhere to your body. Make sure you either designate a member of your group to take photos and grab brief videos and shots, or pool all photographic evidence of the event together at the end, so you can keep those sweet and sweaty memories with you forever.

Dress practically (but still fabulously).

There are few occasions in life when you can put sequins with leather and cover yourself in feathers. Mardi Gras is the time to display all that spice and cha-cha you hide on the inside during the mundane working week. But don’t forget to consider that Mardi Gras, particularly if you intend on sliding into the slipstream of a parade or two, can be a little tough on your feet. So try to choose glorious and comfortable footwear like some platform sneakers or bejewelled sandals. Try to layer your outfit to be prepared for sudden downpours of rain, bursts of sunlight, or just in case you lose a few items along the way…

Prepare music you love.

In the theme of Mardi Gras drinks and other preparatory celebrations, try your own version of pre-gaming, but with music. A few weeks out from Mardi Gras, make a playlist of celebratory songs you love and listen to it as you do your Mardi Gras workouts, pack your bag, sit on your flight and then continue to listen to it when you arrive. This way, every time you listen to your playlist, you’ll flashback to a joyous Mardi Gras with your friends.

Pack an emergency kit.

It never hurts to have emergencies covered. Having a small sequinned pack or shoulder bag containing bandages, some paracetamol, antiseptic wipes, safety pins and maybe even some deodorant will ensure you’re prepared for any Mardi Gras outfit malfunction or high heeled tumble.

Pop a bottle.

It’s not a party without Mardi Gras cocktails, especially when it’s a bottle of bubbly that overflows onto the carpet, mirroring your internal joy. This doesn’t mean what you’re drinking, though, has to be alcoholic. Non-alcoholic sparkling has the same pop of the cork, the same fizz in the glass and does the same dance on your tongue as its alcoholic counterpart (and will leave you feeling more energised, too!)

Remember, you’re playing a long game.

Mardi Gras can be a long festival when you consider getting ready before the event, and the event itself with the bounty of Mardi Gras drinks and dancing to be had. Make sure you drink plenty of water, eat a sufficient amount of (delicious) food and take little breaks to rally and re-gather your energy.

Top Mardi Gras Cocktails

A Watermelon Chilli Margarita

Olé! Nothing says “shimmying at Mardi Gras” quite like a Marg. For a spicy twist on the classic, try Lyre’s watermelon chilli margarita, with the summery watermelon easing you into the party spirit and the chilli giving you the kick in the pants you need to get you dancing in the streets.

A Bloody Maria

It’s a widely known fact that the fabled combination of tomato juice, Agave Reserva Spirit, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, celery salt and pepper has been helping those who have danced their feet off and sung until they’ve lost their voice recover since time immemorial.

A Passionstar Martini

Be the star of your own show with a Passionstar Martini. Mardi Gras is all about sharing and celebrating beautiful moments together, and this delicious Martini lives up to the occasion. With an essence of classic Gin, and flavours as distinct and contemporary as the latest promenade, the Passionstar Martini is a cocktail you’ll want to serve, shake - or stir - during your next Mardi Gras celebration.

A Festival Spritz

To celebrate life, being with your favourite people, and Mardi Gras as a whole, you need two things: a flashy outfit and a drink that’s as full of flavour and fizz as Mardi Gras itself. Enter Lyre’s Festival Spritz; a low-alcoholic cocktail made up of Lyre’s London Dry, Aperitif Dry, fruit and plenty of bubbles that will set you up for a Mardi Gras that’s impossible to forget!





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