How to Survive Dry Month in Every Social Situation

By Lyre's Spirit Co

30th Jun 2022

How to Survive Dry Month in Every Social Situation

If you’re considering giving up booze for Dry Month, you might be wondering how it’s going to impact your social life. Some people worry not drinking at a party will make them feel awkward, some worry that others will judge them; whatever your concern is, rest assured that it’s not as difficult as it seems and it gets easier over time.

So instead of listening to the booze-wagon calling you from the distance, try these tips for surviving Dry Month in every social situation so you can party like a rock star and still wake up in fine fettle to pursue whatever tickles your fancy in the morning.

The Pub

While some locations - such as the pub - can be a little tricky to navigate during Dry Month, it's not impossible and can even be quite enjoyable exploring new non-alcoholic alternatives. The key is to diversify your drinks; have a coke or two, then mix it up with an interesting mocktail, lemon-lime-and-bitters, and Italian soda mixers. That way, you can enjoy a night out with good food, drinks and friends and still wake up in fine fettle to pursue whatever tickles your fancy in the morning. It's a win-win!

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The Restaurant

If you're heading to a fancy restaurant during Dry Month and aren't sure what to pair with your favourite dish, you might be pleasantly surprised to hear that a variety of beverages pair just as well as wine. Many restaurants offer juice pairings as an alternative to wine; we don't mean orange poppers (as nice as they are), but freshly squeezed juice, premium grape juice and sparkling apple cider. Alternatively, sparkling water with a dash of lemon or lime and hot tea, iced tea or soda are often popular choices for non-drinkers.

If you still want that taste of wine, there are also many non-alcoholic alternatives that look and taste just like the original. Lyre's award-winning Classico has an alluring, lifted lime bouquet with notes of fresh peach and granny smith apple, followed by a soft richness of pear and red apple to taste.

The Wedding

Most people see the entire wedding lifecycle as an event designed for drinking, from engagement parties, to bachelor/bachelorette parties, to the wedding toast; the list seems to go on. As one of the more challenging events to attend as a non-drinker, surviving Dry Month can seem like a real task. The good news? Not drinking at a wedding isn't as difficult as it looks. Energy drinks and fun mocktails will keep you dancing through the night, and if it's an open bar, experiment with new flavours. Not sure if coke mixes with cranberry juice? Try it! It's an open bar and surprisingly entertaining (you might even find your new favourite drink).

Making yourself useful and finding other non-drinkers to socialise with is also a great way to get through the night. Drinking at a wedding is often more about appearances, so when you're busy, the pesky voice in your head that makes you feel worried isn't going to get a chance to speak up.

The Baby Shower

It's not unusual for light alcoholic beverages to be served at a baby shower, but thankfully it’s not usually an event where people over-indulge on the giggle juice. Mum-to-be won’t be drinking, so there’s plenty of opportunity to help arrange some baby shower mocktails that are alcohol free and Dry Month friendly. You’ll can also try being as helpful as possible; mum-to-be will really appreciate it, and you’ll be too busy to worry about booze.

The House Party

House parties are all about having fun and letting your hair down, but that doesn't mean you need booze to enjoy yourself. Whatever your reason for not drinking at a party, it's never been easier to find ready-made non-alcoholic alternatives you can take with you to have some fun and still wake up in fine fettle to pursue whatever tickles your fancy the following day.

Cold and quick to crack, Lyre's ready-made mocktails blur the line between soda and mixer, with unique flavour combinations that look, taste and sashay around the palate just like the original. Perfect for your next house party; simply chill and cheers!

Embrace sobriety

At Lyre's, our exquisite range of impossibly crafted non-alcoholic spirits gives you the freedom to drink your drink, your way. Whether out with friends at a pub or bar, enjoying good food and beverages at your local restaurant, or celebrating love and life at a wedding or baby shower, you can embrace sobriety with Lyre's.

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