The Rise of Mindful Drinking & The Increase Of Non Alcoholic Cocktail Searches Online in Australia

Over the past year, Lyre's have seen an increase in the the rise of mindful drinking, with Aussies swapping out their alcoholic cocktails for non alcoholic alternatives in a range of social settings. This is evident in Lyre's latest research into the increase of the most searched for non alcoholic cocktails online. 

As non alcoholic alternatives have risen in popularity, we have identified a trend peaking around the time of lockdown. When the world suddenly went into lockdown in 2020, many of us quickly realised we’d need a healthier alternative to nightly G&T’s and cheeky tipples after the last Zoom call of the day.

So what did we turn to instead?

To find out, we had a look at Google’s dataset for the most searched non alcoholic cocktails from 2019-2020 VS 2020-2021 & created an infographic, to reveal the interesting increases including a 78% increase in searches for non alcoholic cocktails and alcohol-free alternatives over the past year.

The data also revealed the 10 non alcoholic cocktails that exploded in popularity over the past year.  Mix them up yourself to enjoy after a long day of working from home.

Non Alcoholic Espresso Martini

Without alcohol, an espresso martini is basically a jazzed up coffee that gives any caffeine break a sense of occasion. Perhaps that’s why searches went up 125% while we were stuck inside and left to subsist on drip or (shudder) instant coffee.  Here’s how it’s made.

Non Alcoholic Negroni

Ten years ago, a non alcoholic negroni was like vegetarian Carolina BBQ: unthinkable. Now, with every component available in alcohol free form, you can get the bitey, bitter goodness of a  full-flavoured negroni without a drop of booze. No wonder searches doubled during lockdown.

Non Alcoholic Mimosa

Everyday can start with a champagne breakfast when a non alcoholic mimosa is on the menu. Clearly more than a few people discovered this firsthand during lockdown, as searches for a guilt-free mimosa doubled over the past 12 months. Try Lyre’s  festive recipe.

Non Alcoholic Mojito

What better way to counter the boredom of lockdown than pouring a cool, minty-fresh glass of adventure? Lyre’s  non alcoholic mojito placed us squarely under the Cuban sun even when the world outside was at its darkest.

Non Alcoholic Martini

Gin or vodka? Vermouth or no? Shaken or stirred? Martini drinkers are notoriously picky about their tipple of choice, so let’s hope those seeking a lockdown friendly alternative opted for  Lyre’s recipe

Non Alcoholic Pina Colada

We won’t lie - the thought of sipping away at a pina colada while trapped indoors, dreaming of the holidays that could have been, seems a bit sad. Or maybe it’s glorious. Who knows? Either way it’s guaranteed delicious with  Lyre’s booze free recipe.

Non Alcoholic Spritz

Searches for non alcoholic spritzes went up by 150% between March 2020 and March 2021. No surprise as spritzes were an on-trend drink well before the pandemic, and their distinctive summery fizz is easy to replicate minus the booze. Try our  bianco spritz recipe

Want to keep your lockdown health goals alive?

Check out Lyre’s full  library of non alcoholic cocktails for more classics, plus a heap of new concoctions to please even the most discerning imbiber. 





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