Inclusive entertaining with Lyre's

By Lyre's Spirit Co

23rd Dec 2019

Inclusive entertaining with Lyre's

At any function, there are always people who are steering clear from alcohol, for a multitude of different reasons.

With Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits, you can give them the same great celebratory drinking experience as your other guests.

Angela, 35, tried entertaining with Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits when she hosted the annual family reunion.

"We had a pregnant relative there, and my sister, who doesn't really enjoy drinking alcohol. And we had other guests who were the designated driver," she says.

"It was a hot day, so I made a non-alcoholic punch for everyone using Lyre's Italian Orange."

The punch Angela created was wine spritzer-inspired, with sparkling apple juice acting as a non-alcoholic substitute for sparkling wine.

"It was a special occasion, we were celebrating our family and you want to feel like you're doing something a bit lavish and different," she says.

"I did the spritz in big goblet-style wine glasses with lots of ice cubes and a slice of orange.

"It looked great and it had a nice fizz to it as well, so it feels like you're getting that sparkling sensation."

Angela also used Lyre's Amaretti to make a non-alcoholic version of an amaretto sour, which usually relies on egg white for its creamy, foamy texture and appearance.

"Because we had a pregnant guest, I couldn't do it with the egg white," she says.

"I did the vegan alternative, which is using chickpea juice instead– it foams up just like an egg white does."

While Angela's sister isn't much of a drinker, she has been known to enjoy a White Russian from time to time.

"A White Russian is normally Tia Maria and milk, so we just did it with Lyre's Coffee Originale instead," she says.

"We were intrigued to see whether the non-alcoholic coffee liqueur would work with the milk, and it was actually perfect.

"She said it tasted exactly like a normal white Russian!

"It went down really well with everyone, being able to offer some fancy options as opposed to just soft drink like the kids are drinking. The non-drinkers felt very included."

Angela also tried her hand at making an alcohol-free tiramisu, using Lyre's Coffee Originale and Lyre's American Malt Spirit to provide the richness and intensity usually provided by alcohol.

"I think alcohol content gets reduced during baking anyway, but it's better for our non drinking guests to have peace of mind that the dessert they are eating is completely alcohol-free, especially when they are pregnant or driving," she says.

"Our guests were amazed it didn't contain alcohol –they said it was the best tiramasu they'd ever had!"





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